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I actually, do have some experience with this topic. I currently work at the St. Cloud Hospital. As a nurse, I have to go through a bunch of different questions when I admit someone to our department. One of the questions is, do you have an advanced care directive or would like information on one. Sometimes people ask questions such as, “What is an advanced care directive”? Or “What does an Advance care directive do?” or “Why would I need one?” So, then I tell them what one is and the reasons how it could be helpful to them. If they do want the information, then I give them an Advance Care Directive that is supplied by the St. Cloud Hospital. If the patient needs further assistance in filling out the forms, I can refer them to a St. Cloud Hospital social worker.
Furthermore, my husband and I have discussed this topic a few years ago. We decided that we should fill this form out. So, we both have an advanced care directive. We both think it is important so, we do not have to guess at what the other person would want in determining our health care and wishes.

2.) Why do you think that so many people “wait until it is too late” to begin this process?
I believe that many people do wait until it is too late to begin the process of their wishes pertaining to their health. I actually see this on a daily
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After explaining to them what one is, they do decide to fill one out or at least get the advance care directive from me. These folks come to my department for tests and other procedures. Many of these patients were recently diagnosed with things such as, multiple sclerosis or cancer. As a result, they are faced with many challenges in the near future. I feel that they are in shock at first and then realize that this is actually happening to them. So, then they decide to fill out this document so others will know their wishes pertaining to their
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