Michael Pollan Claim Analysis

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It is important for writers or anyone who makes a claim to provide reliable supporting details because it will make their claim effective and trustworthy. There are times where writers make try to make claim and it ends up lacking credibility which is what happened to an author named Michael Pollan when he tried to make a claim during an interview. Michael Pollan believes that it is best to take the organic route when it comes to food instead of eating food that is processed and he expresses this while in his interview on NPR’s Science Friday with Ira Flatow. In the interview he uses effective claims that have support, which include where he explains how Americans need to spend more time and money on food. Although he makes another claim that is not well supported where he explains how people should eat based on their past traditions. …show more content…

In his interview Pollan mentions, “not only do we need to spend more money on food, we need to spend more time on food”(6). This is a healthier option rather buying fast food or processed food at the store because there are ingredients in these foods that are not as safe for people to eat. Even though it is a quicker option that many Americans prefer, eating fast food is not beneficial for people in the long run. Pollan goes on to say “We have outsourced food preparations to corporations, by and large”(6). Food is not being prepared as often as was in the past and people are giving corporations their money by purchasing their processed food, which is why corporations are taking over. Less people are preparing food because they believe it is easier for them to just buy processed food and they do not want to consider the negative effects it could have on them. Pollan provided valid points in his support to prove that his claim is

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