Escape From The Western Diet By Michael Pollan

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People that eat a Western diet are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases than those who eat a more traditional diet. The different theories scientists come up with to explain what in the Western diet causes these diseases all contradict each other (Pollan 421). In Escape from the Western Diet, Michael Pollan examines these issues and gives his solution to the problem. He believes scientists can argue about what causes these diseases, but the only solution, though it may be difficult, is to stop eating a Western diet. Pollan believes one of the biggest challenges in escaping the Western diet is changing how we eat and think. When trying to eat healthier we tend to focus on how many calories and nutrients are in the foods we eat, when we should be focusing on the degree of processing (Pollan 423). He thinks we should eat more whole foods and avoid those that are overly processed. This would be simple, except for the fact that the industry has invaded many whole foods (Pollan 424). One example of this Pollan gives is the beef we eat comes from cattle raised on a Western diet. Because …show more content…

He has discovered that we cannot separate our health from the health of the soil to the health of the plants and animals we eat (Pollan 425). He believes we should go back to a more traditional diet in some aspects-mainly investing more time, energy, and resources into our meals. Most Americans spend very little on food; less than 10% of their income, spend less than 30 minutes a day preparing their food, and only an hour eating (Pollan 425). He believes the preparation and enjoyment of food has been sidelined in our busy lives, but we need to go back to a time when it was closer to the center of a good life (Pollan 426). By doing so, we will begin to eat less fast/processed food and will be on the path to begin escaping the Western

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