Food Inc. By Eric Schlosser And Michael Pollan

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In the 2008 documentary Food Inc. Authors Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan offer insight into the food industry in America, including how food is produced. Revealing to the normal everyday american all the things you don't know about how you get the food that in your figure right now. They reveal that the main thing that drives our current food system, like any big corporation, is cost efficiency. These cost cuts do make food cheaper for americans but it also puts their safety at risk. We must as the question, what is this commonly not doing to make this so cheap? What process is it eliminating? With food one might that that the most important force should be the safety and health of the American citizens, especially in a time where our country is seen by the world as one of the “biggest” and most unhealthy. Price should not be the most important force behind our food …show more content…

We have to ask yourself why? It isn't how much average americans are eating. The answer lies in what average americans are eating. As showed in the movie, the price of the healthier foods, like fresh fruits, vegetables,and dairy, are significantly higher than more processed foods like potato chips, soda, and other snacks. When families with limited income had to choose between what will feed their family for a night and what will feed their family for a week there going to turn to the processed foods, or fast foods, because of the economic factor. I believe that in order to become healthier as a nation we shouldn't be focusing on educating people about what and how much to eat, thats not the problem. The public knows that these foods don't have the nutritional value their family needs. We have to focus on make foods with higher nutritional value like fresh fruits, vegetables,and dairy, affordable for all americans. Everyone, no matter economic situation should have the right and available to foods of high nutritive

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