Panera Bread Research Paper

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This growing problem has become frightening for today’s shoppers. The typical American shopper is unaware of what the ingredients listed on their labels truly are, because they cannot pronounce then or they have no clue where they come from. The consumers in the United States are taking steps to become healthier and to make wiser food choices. These choices have caused “major packaged-food companies to lose $4 billion in market share alone last year, as shoppers swerved to fresh and organic alternatives.” (Special Report) This epidemic has led to the reconstruction of many company’s strategies. Reconstructing recipes to take out gluten, removing artificial flavors, and finding a way to meet the consumer’s new requirements are a few ways many companies are going about making new decisions. It is said that American shoppers tend to ignore the main isles of the store, this is possible because organic and fresh vegetables and fruits would be located on the outer parts of the store. Ignoring those middle isle leaves them with no temptation on buying processed goods from those companies. This is another reason we are seeing big name brands such as Campbell’s and Hersey redesigning their products to fit the needs of …show more content…

Panera Bread is a North American based company, having stores only in the United States and Canada. The bakery-café offers goods such as bagels, sandwiches, coffee, tea, a wide selection of bread, etc. Panera Bread, over the last few years, has made several changes to their food policy. In 2014 the company released its new food policy, and in the policy, they made promises to use fresh ingredients and have a constructive influence on the food industry. Other details that are explained in the bakery-café’s policy are their values and the path that they are using to improve their goods. One way that the company is trying to improve the quality of

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