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Jeffrey Dahmer was an American serial killer who killed 17 males over the course of 13 years. Jeffrey would go after mean, at gay bars, bus stops, and malls luring them to his house with promises of money then gave them alcohol that was laced with drugs then strangled them to death. After, Dahmer would engage in sexual acts with the dead bodies before dissecting them and disposing of them. Jeffrey would often keep the individual's skulls or other body parts as souvenirs. He also, took photos of his victims throughout the stages of murdering them, so he could relive the experience of the murders. During Jeffrey's early childhood, it was claimed he was deprived of attention during his infant stage. His mother found breastfeeding to be irritating …show more content…

Dahmer collected dragonflies, butterflies, and insects which he had kept in jars. Moving on, he started collecting animal carcasses that he found on the side of the road. Sometimes, he would even dismember these animals at his home or in the forests behind his home. According to his friends, he would sometimes put the dismembered parts of the animals into jars. At one point, he decapitated a dog before nailing the dog to a tree. Then, taking the dogs skull and impaling it upon a stake behind his house. This fascination with animals began at the age of four where his parents removed animal bones from beneath their house. Dahmer was strangely thrilled by the sound these bones had made, and then became interested in collecting animal …show more content…

One of these men, agreed to go back to Jeffreys apartment for drinks and to pose for him. While being in Dahmers apartment, Jeffrey placed handcuffs on the victim's wrist then told the victim to accompany him in the bedroom to pose the pictures. Then, Jeffrey threatened the victim with a knife, the victim tried to appease Dahmer by unbuttoning his shirt. At some point, while Jeffrey was not looking, the victim to his hands and hit Jeffrey to the point where he could run out to the streets and get the police. The officers then accompanied the victim to where Jeffrey had held him at. Dahmer invited them inside without hesitation and offered no explanation as to why he had handcuffed the victim. While the officers looked throughout Jeffreys home, they found pictures of dead bodies, and then when the officer opened the refrigerator they found a severed head on the bottom shelf. The trial for Dahmer began in 1992 and he was tried for 15 counts of murder. He pled guilty however, they debated whether he suffered from either a personality disorder or mental disorder. Health professionals, diagnosed Dahmer with borderline personality disorder, sadistic traits, and obsessive compulsive. He was however, ruled sane by the court and imprisoned. However, during his imprisonment, he was killed by a fellow

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