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A serial killer can best be described as a person who commits a series or murders, often with no apparent motive and typically following a characteristic, predictable behavior pattern. A disturbing fact about serial killers is that most of them should be eminently identifiable. Serial killers commit their acts specifically in one place, therefore, give the residents of the community, its police force, and even their neighbors ample opportunity to find out what they are. The fact they are not caught is attributed to three factors. The first being the characteristics of the victims, which in Jeffrey Dahmer's case he prayed mostly on gay men. Secondly, serial killers are simply ordinary and strive to not draw attention to themselves, most are …show more content…

At age six, Dahmer and his family relocated to Bath Township, Ohio where he would later commit heinous crimes and would go unnoticed for quite some time. Many of the behaviors Jeffrey Dahmer displayed were firmly rooted and shaped in childhood. Jeffrey's mother was pregnant with her second child, which received considerably more attention than Jeffrey did. Young Jeffrey was fascinated with death and mutilation, even went as far as picking up roadkill mutilating them to see how all the parts work together. Dahmer was sexually molested by a neighborhood boy in rural Bath Township. Since the incident wasn't reported at the time of the incident, this childhood incident could play a pivotal role in understanding his crimes. Likewise ferocious arguments between his parents, who later divorced, left Jeffrey with a feeling of abandonment. After the dissolution of his parents' marriage his mother took his younger brother to California and his father left with his new wife. These events forever scarred Jeffrey, many of his later actions would prove that he would avoid being left alone at all …show more content…

Jeffrey, like most serial killers, only chose his victims based on particular body parts. When stalking his victims he only visited venues he knew he couldn't be seen, such as shopping malls and gay brothels. He then approached his intended victim with a simple, direct, and brutally effective offer. Sometimes he would invite them back to his place to watch pornographic videos and other occasions he would offer the intended victim money, anywhere between $50 and $200 to return to his apartment and pose for nude pictures. Once the victim was inside his apartment and away from prying eyes, he would subdue his victim and then satisfy his sexual desires. Most of the time he would drug the victim with a drink and a few several tablets of Halcion, which quickly made the victim intoxicated and incapacitated. Although, the submission ritual varied from time to time, when Jeffrey ran out of Halcion to give his victims, he would hit them in the head with a rubber mallet to immobilize them. On rare occasions, Jeffrey would have sex with his victims before he murdered them but most of the time he preferred to have complete control over his victim before having sex with

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