What Are Janie's Insecurities In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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During Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie had three husbands. Two of which died, and the other she left for the second. It is not a hard question to answer when asked which husband was best for Janie. The first husband, Logan, was an older man that worked as a farmer. The wedding was set up by Janie’s grandmother in order for her to ensure Janie had a stable life as she grew up. Even though Logan was not a bad man, Janie did not love him, and ended up leaving him for her second husband, Jody. Now, Jody was a great man who had ambitions and treated everyone the way they should have been treated in the beginning, but that didn’t last very long. A few years into the marriage, Jody started beating Janie because of his own insecurities that were too much for him to control. The main two of these insecurities would be jealousy and his own aging body. These two things do not go very well when mixed with having a beautiful and young wife. Even though Jody had started beating Janie, she stuck with him for twenty years until …show more content…

Janie and Tea Cake were in love, and it was obvious through the ways they acted around each other. Even though both of them were approximately twenty years apart, they both cared for each other and loved being around each other as much as possible. This is shown when Tea Cake and Janie are trying to escape the flood caused by the hurricane and he saved her life, while unknowingly losing his, by killing a rabid dog that was on top of a cow floating down the water. Without him risking his own safety, Janie would have never survived this event. With these things being said, the best husband for Janie would have to be Tea Cake. He has made a few mistakes, yes, but does the best he can to keep Janie happy and in love. It is depressing that Janie had to shoot him at the end of the novel, but at least she realizes that she was finally able to live the life she wanted for herself rather than the life her grandmother wanted for

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