Their Eyes Were Watching God Janie's Flaws Essay

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In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie’s flaws about love continuously brought her to the same ending with all of her husbands, no matter how long the marriage lasted. In The Odyssey, Calypso was trapped on an island to fall in love with men who washed ashore. The fatality of her faults was her over affection and her need for love while being so alone on her island, Ogygia. Their weaknesses are exact opposites, specifically in their relationships with men. The flaws are role in relationship, attachment to men, and lastly, their submissiveness to men. Janie tended to follow her husbands around and went wherever they went. An example of that vice occurred when she went to Jacksonville and forsakened Eatonville for a man named Tea Cake. It took place after Jody had died and she started to have a romance with him. He wanted to move to Jacksonville, where he could get a job, and the town did not like her being with him. “Janie’s train left too early in the day for the town to witness much, but …show more content…

In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie’s faults made her dependent emotionally towards men, but independent when finding her own happy ending throughout the book. From The Odyssey, Calypso desperately tried to find love and make Odysseus stay, but her flaws of attachment and having a higher level of authority over Odysseus in their relationship kept her from achieving real love with someone. Although Janie and Calypso are opposites when it comes to love, they do have similarities. Their relationships always ended the same way, with Janie leaving her husbands and Calypso being deserted by her lovers. They both tried to to find love, with some difficulties for each women individually. Although Janie and Calypso’s flaws made their lives a little bit harder, it shaped them into where they were at the end of the book, which is remarkably similar for the two: They are both

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