Examples Of Calypso In The Odyssey

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Artist has often been intrigued with the subject of mythology, particularly Greek mythology. Many paintings, horels, and song have focused on this subject. In the odyssey, by Homer, he tells of Odysseus, a hero who faces many obstacles on his journey home from the Trojan War. One of primary distractions along the way is his encounter with a number of beautiful goddesses, such as calypso is one such goddess , homer tells of how she keeps Odysseus for a long period of the distracting him from returning home to his wife Penelope. Likewise the contemporary musician, Suzanne vega, recounts the story of calypso’s capacity of Odysseus, however homer’s perception is quite different from Vegas. Although both portray calypsos. However in the odyssey, by homer, calypso is described as seductive. Homer described calypso as seductive because she was a lovely goddess that seen a man she didn't even know, well at least she thought she didn't know and brought him to her home because he …show more content…

Calypso knew the man fighting the sea had no chance in winning, so her loving and big heart decided to help. “To be gone forever more/and the waves will take him again/ but he’ll know their ways now/i will stand upon the shore/ with a clean heart.” (lines 30-34) Calypso knew that eventually she was going to have to let him continue his journey and going back into the sea she knew the waves would take him again and so all she could do was stand on shore and watch him off. However in the odyssey homer identified calypso as seductive also. Calypso uses her surroundings to attract the men. “Around the smooth-walled cave a crooking vine held purple clusters under ply of green:and four springs, bubbling up hear one another shallow and clear took channels here and there through beds of violets and tender parsley.”(lines 50-63) Calypso lives in a cave- a female symbol that has four bubbling springs and lovely flowers to tempt

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