Essay On Athena In The Odyssey

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Athena is a major character throughout the book of The Odyssey and is known as the goddess of wisdom and battle. Throughout the course of the book, it is evident that Athena has a weak spot for the main character, Odysseus. Odysseus is trying to return home after the Trojan War, as the other Greek hero’s have already done, however he faces multiple challenges a long the way. Fortunately, for Odysseus, Athena was there to guide him through a few of these troubling situations. Athena makes several comments throughout the text that allow us to see how much she truly does care for Odysseus and it starts very early in the book. In Book One, she is conversing with “Father, son of Cronus, the high and mighty king” (Home 1.54) telling him how Odysseus does not deserve death, that he earned his life. She explained to him, “my heart breaks for Odysseus” (Homer 1.57). This is the first time in text we see her feelings about Odysseus come out, however it does not stop there. In Book Five, gods are gathered on Mount Olympus to discuss and determine the fate of Odysseus. Athena is present …show more content…

I was worried how he would take it; after all, she had been no help to him during his time there with her. She tried to get him to stay, as they had quite a unique relationship, but he was ready to leave and take on the trail, and for this I was happy. He was also somewhat suspicious of her sudden help and was curious about some of the requirements. He had to travel on a raft that he would make himself, which gave him an uneasy feeling, as he was unsure that it would be a sufficient way to travel across the ocean. It took him four days to build his boat and on the fifth day, Calypso dressed in him new clothes and launched him from her island. Odysseus finally escaped her and was one step closer to returning home, but he still had a long way to go. Zeus promised there would be troubles, and I was ready to stop

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