Calypso's Role In The Odyssey

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The story of Odysseus would not exist if not for the strong female characters that all become a part of his journey. One of the women is the nymph, Calypso, who is forever banished to the island of Ogygia for her father’s wrongdoings. Odysseus ends up stranded on the island with her for seven years after being shipwrecked and lost at sea by Poseidon. Calypso ultimately acts a temptress to Odysseus, and serves as a constant reminder of everything he longs for back at home. Calypso means “to cloak”, which is basically what she is doing by hiding Odysseus away from the rest of world. It’s ironic because she herself is also isolated from any sort of connection, so when Odysseus shows up, it’s understandable why she wants to keep him there as long as possible. The island itself is described as a magical paradise. The Odyssey states that “even a deathless god/ who came upon that place would gaze in wonder,/ heart entranced with pleasure” (5. ll. 82-83). That, in addition to Calypso being a beautiful goddess who is offering Odysseus immortality, makes the prospect of remaining on the island more than bearable. Odysseus is a warrior who has been through struggle after struggle, so the idea of a having an easy-out, a life of complete relaxation, is extremely tempting. Calypso is the cage that is trapping …show more content…

Calypso’s island has a cave, which makes the place like a pit stop for Odysseus. Characters’ stays in caves aren’t permanent. Meaning, that no matter how tempting Calypso might be, she is temporary in the long run. She is a significant part of Odysseus’ journey though, because she prepares him for the troubles that are still yet to come. Calypso makes sure he’s back to full strength, while also causing a deep desire for home to grow within him. When it is time for Odysseus to leave, he does so ready and willing to face whatever future troubles that are yet to come. She serves as his protector when he needs it

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