Odysseus Loyalty To Penelope In Homer's Odyssey

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Imagine landing in a difficult situation... getting stranded from home, encountering beautiful woman at the same time, but you have a wife. You have to choose your wife, or a beautiful woman. This is exactly what happened to Odysseus on his travels in The Odyssey, by the Greek poet Homer. In this epic poem, Odysseus is married to his wife Penelope and has a happy family, who lives in Ithaca. Even though Odysseus has been stranded from home for many years, he still remains loyal to his wife. Odysseus is truly loyal to Penelope because he leaves Ogygia (where he was trapped) as soon as possible, puts all of his effort into making it home to his wife, and even flirts with Princess Nausicaa to get him home. Even though Odysseus has been through …show more content…

This quote supports the reason because it shows that Odysseus is struggling with being away from his home for a long period of time, and wants to get back to his wife. This means that he misses his wife Penelope, and he wants to get back to her, which also shows that his loyalty is stays constant with her.. The second reason to prove this is that Odysseus does not like Calypso, which will show that he will remain loyal to Penelope. Odysseus becomes very sad, “But as for great Odysseus-- Hermes could not find him within the cave. Off he sat on a headland, weeping there as always, wrenching his heart with sobs and groans and anguish, gazing out over the barren sea through blinding tears.”(5.91-96). which Calypso is the cause of. This quote supports the reason because it shows that Odysseus does not like being trapped on Ogygia, especially with a woman he did not like. If he truly liked Calypso, he would have decided to stay with her forever, and forget his wife. But, he did not which proves his true loyalty to his wife Penelope. Even after Odysseus being stranded on this island with a beautiful goddess he did not like for 7 long years, he still remained loyal to Penelope every

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