Odysseus Journey Essay

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The journey of Odysseus was a long and grueling time, but his love for Penelope was strong enough to get him home to her. He faced many trials on his journey home, facing many foes and many temptations. He was not alone on his journey, he was accompanied by his men, who fought with him during the Trojan war. Would his fellow soldiers endure?

The journey of Odysseus began at the end of the Trojan war, when he tried to make it to Penelope in his home, Ithica. But the gods were not happy with Odysseus, due to his arrogant ways and his lack of faith in the gods. Because of this, his journey home would become a 20 year one. He was moved, of course, a number of times by the gods or by weather, He faced many trials and was stopped at many places. Each place he was brought to ended up being another trial. One such trial was a place of temptation known as the island of the Lotus Eaters. Whoever ate the lotus would never want to leave and would lose hope of home. Due to Odysseus curious and arrogant way, he lost some of his men on the island of the cyclops. On the island, Odysseus was curious and wanted to see a cyclops for …show more content…

While finally making it home to Ithica, he got word that all was not well at his home and that Penelope was in trouble. People had invaded his home, and these suitors tried to take Penelope for themselves. When Odysseus got word of this he did not rush and try to kill them like he once would have, but instead, he thought and planned his moves. With the help of his son, and servants of his house, they were are able to rid the house of the suitors and have Penelope once again.

His soldiers would not be as fortunate as Odssyeus. Most would end up dying during the excruciating journey, either by being eaten alive or lost in cauldron of strong water. But because of his men, Odysseus made it to his home of Ithica, and to the love of his life, his wife

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