What Is Redemption In Odysseus

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Homer uses the Gods and Goddesses impact on Odysseus to show how redemption can be earned which is illustrated through Foster's quest theory. Circe, Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, and Helios are gods that symbolize mythological ideas, whereas in the Odyssey they symbolize lessons Odysseus needs to learn. Odysseus is a man that the gods critique often. Odysseus is on a journey to get home to his family from the Trojan War. Odysseus does not always make the best decisions and it gets himself in big trouble. Circe, the goddess of sorcery, “informs him that in order to reach home he must journey to the land of the dead, Hades, and consult the blind prophet Tiresias” (Homer 699). Circe tells Odysseus the future and lets him make the decisions. When Odysseus goes to the land of the dead he must make the right choices so that he can reach his stated reason; to go home. Circe symbolizes the idea of Odysseus having to learn be a better leader and make smarter decisions. He needs to show the gods he is worthy of redemption since he has angered them. Later, Odysseus must go through challenges and trials in each place Circe foretells him to go so that he can learn self knowledge, gain his redemption with the gods, and get home to …show more content…

Like Poseidon, Zeus would affect Odysseus’ journey and bring him off course. Odysseus goes to the land of the Cicones and raids it, and steals many things. This is what causes Zeus to be mad at Odysseus. Afterwards, when Odysseus is sailing away he explains to Homer how “...doomed appeared to us, dark word of Zeus for us, for our evil days”(Homer 684). Since Odysseus and his men did malicious actions Zeus intends on punishing them. A doom was in their future if Odysseus kept up these sorts of actions. Zeus is one the most important god to be on good terms with since he is the king and son of Cronus. The greatest challenge Odysseus faces is finding out ways to redeem himself with the

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