Examples Of Penelope In The Odyssey

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Everyone falls in love in their lifetime. Whether that’s with another person, their career, their hobbies, it happens to everyone. In The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus, and his wife Penelope are the main couple. Odysseus does not truly love Penelope because he does not have loyalty to her, respect her, or trust her. Odysseus indicates no loyalty in regards to Penelope. The most obvious example of this would be when Odysseus cheats on Penelope while he is away with Kikê. Odysseus describes the night, and concedes that he “went through the dark to [Kikê]’s flawless bed and took the goddess’ knees in supplication”(Homer 179-180). He also cheats on Penelope with the sea nymph Kalypso. When recounting the event to King Alkinoos, Odysseus explains that “in [his] heart [he] never gave consent. Where shall a man find sweetness to surpass his own home…?” (146). …show more content…

A prime example would be when he was on Kalypso’s island and it is stated that “while [Odesseyus] alone still hungered for home and wife.” (1). This demonstrates that he loves Penelope and misses her very much while he is away. In fact when Odysseus comes back from being gone for twenty years “from the breast of his eyes the ache of longing mounted, and he wept at last, his dear wife, clear and faithful, in his arms,” (436). If Odysseus does not love Penelope he would not feel anything upon seeing her. Showing that he loves and cares for her. However, Odysseus’s love for Penelope is clearly misplaced and confused for his longing of home. He says he loves Penelope and misses her, when in actuality he just misses his home and being revered as a king where he lives. Kalypso concedes “ you wanted her forever, that bride whom you pine each day.” (87). Odysseus responds with “I long for home, long for the sight of home.” (87). Odysseus does not say that he misses Penelope or that he wants to see her, he only states that he wants to see his

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