Calypso's Determination In The Odyssey

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In Book 5, Odysseus exhibits the true qualities of a hero by resisting Calypso’s temptation and staying true to his values and obligations. In the Odyssey, Odysseus faces many obstacles throughout his journey. After being captured by Calypso, Odysseus is held prisoner on her island, preventing him from returning home. In attempts to escape, Odysseus exhibits significant loyalty, determination, and intelligence that contribute to his title as a hero.
After being held captive, Calypso remained as a seductive, enticing force that threatened to stray Odysseus from his journey home. Although Odysseus desired to escape Calypso’s island, he was detained for seven years. As a result, Calypso forces Odysseus to sleep with her against his will. In the …show more content…

In addition to this, his unwavering loyalty to his family is demonstrated in his willingness to endure the hardships that arise with escaping from Calypso, maintaining his willpower along the way. Odysseus has a sense of obligation to fulfill his duties and return to his family, to which he carries out by standing his ground against the goddess. Ultimately, demonstrating Odysseus’ loyalty and determination to return home, as well as his intelligence in knowing that staying on the island will not bring him true …show more content…

Odysseus’s journey emphasizes the importance of staying true to ourselves, our goals, and our values in the face of temptation, even if it is difficult. It serves as a reminder that in order to achieve meaningful progress towards our goals, we must stay committed. In spite of the fact that Odysseus eventually conforms to Calypso’s temptation, Odysseus’s clear demonstration of his ability to resist Calypso’s abuse, and sustain his goal to return home highlight the strength of his character and his unfaltering commitment to his values. Odysseus remained true to his purpose to return home, even if it meant enduring the hardships along the way. By rejecting Calypso’s offers, he also puts his sense of duty ahead of his own desires. Through his actions, and the loyalty, determination, and intelligence he showcases, Odysseus undeniably illustrates the true qualities of a

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