Homer's The Odyssey: A True Hero

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Odysseus, a True Hero In the Odyssey, Homer beautifully illustrates Odysseus’ qualities that make him a hero. While reading the Odyssey, a reader learns of the hardships Odysseus and his crew face on their treacherous journey home from the Trojan War. They experience dangerous traveling conditions and terrifying monsters, and only Odysseus makes it out alive. This was a journey full of unfortunate events and learning opportunities. Odysseus proves he is a true hero by showing throughout his endeavors that he is clever in his actions, devoted to the people around him, and good hearted in all aspects of his life. One strong trait seen in Odysseus is how clever and witty he is. A prime example is when Odysseus and his men are trapped in …show more content…

All through his journey Odysseus craves his home, Telemachus, and Penelope. To his surprise, Odysseus learns of the suitors presence in his home and does everything possible to get home and save his family. Tiresias delivers a prophecy to Odysseus concerning him and his men; he tells Odysseus that only he will survive. He decides not to tell the crew what will happen to them. Instead, he keeps what is in their best interest in mind, and he knows it will not be beneficial to tell them that none of them will survive. When Odysseus must choose between passing Scylla, a man eating monster, or Charybdis, a vicious whirlpool, he chooses Scylla because the least amount of men will be lost. His men are very important to him so he tries hard to make the necessary sacrifices to ensure the best outcomes. After they escape Scylla, a terrible storm destroys the ship and the rest of the men. Odysseus is left alone as he makes his way to Calypso’s island. A while later, Calypso releases Odysseus under Zeus’ commands. Before she lets him go, she promises to make him immortal if he stays. For him it is not a good choice; he politely declines, for he would rather die trying to get home and save his city than be promised immortality and live with Calypso forever. In the Odyssey, it is made very clear that Odysseus is a hero because of how devoted, good-hearted, and clever he is. Of course, there are many other traits that make Odysseus a terrific hero, husband, and father. He maintains good morals throughout his journey and stays true to himself. The challenges he and his crew face are extremely difficult, but he trudges through with a positive attitude. Like all humans, Odysseus makes mistakes, however it takes a true hero to recover, learn, and thrive from his experiences like he

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