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In Ron Howards 2005 Cinderella Man, James Braddock is an altruistic gentleman that sacrifices his wellbeing for the good and prosperity of his family. James Braddock works tirelessly to bring money in for his family during the Great Depression. James not only worked as a longshoreman, but he also boxed competitively to earn money. After working two laborious jobs and earning an income for his family, James breaks his hand. This impairment causes James a great deal of pain, but he still continues work through it. The injury was so severe that James was unable to box, and he was starting to lose his matches. The multiple loses of his boxing matches gets him fired. Consequently, the pain also causes James to not use his hand in the shipyard; …show more content…

Lena Lingard is a hired immigrant that traveled to America. She worked through many difficult situations with men due to her sexuality and confidence. After many years of becoming a dressmaker, she became very wealthy and now owns a store in San Francisco. Another strong female character is Ántonia. Ántonia moved to America from Lithuania, lost her father, worked in a field like a man and now she owns a home with her husband and 10 kids. Lastly, Tiny Soderball was a hired immigrant just alike Lena. Tiny was always getting in trouble with the men so all of the other citizens looked at her differently. Tiny did not settle with that and she then decided to travel to Alaska and take part in the Gold Rush. Tiny opened up her own hotel and grew a fortune. Lena, Ántonia, and Tiny go against the traditional female role, they maintain their independence and they take risks causing them to end up very successful. These women just alike James Braddock went through many hardships and came out very successful. In both stories these characters show a great deal of perseverance and resilience. None of them settled for anything and they all kept endeavoring until they reached their own visions of success. None of them gave up which led them to achieve an abundance of happiness, wealth and gratification. These characters teach audiences influential lessons that are very motivational and

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