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Summary: This article is about a man named Jaime Prater who was born and raised in Jesus People USA (JPUSA), a religious community where the leadership clothes you, feeds you, educates you, and basically raises you. JPUSA were started by hippies who used to travel through the USA, but soon settled down in Chicago, and is now run by an authoritarian leader and councilship members. Jaime Prater was born into this community and thought of it as his family, but when he was 8 years old he was molested. He took it to the council, but they shut it down to stop spreading rumors and isolated him. In isolation, he felt lonely and scared for three and a half years, and left the comminity in his early 20’s after he realized that he didn’t belong. When he was in college, he made a documentary about growing up in JPUSA, with many stories similar to his own from others. Chapter 1: JPUSA was run in a manner similar to the US government. A function …show more content…

His mother, acting like a citizen, brought up the topic many times to the council members, acting like the government, which responded to her priority and brought her son back. Chapter 2: As a Christian community, the founders of JPUSA created the rules of the community based on the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, such as what is a sin. Much alike, the father of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, got many ideas from John Locke’s writings, such as natural rights and equality, and these principles as a base to the Declaration. Chapter 2: Whenever someone wanted to leave JPUSA, the leadership would put up a fight and make it very difficult to leave. This is similar to when the United States wanted to break off ties with Great Britain. The fight that Great Britain put up was the American Revolutionary War, which the US won. Many also won their fight with JPUSA and

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