Review Of The Article 'One Punishment And A Teen Killer' By Jennifer Jenkins

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Juvenile Justice On June 25, 2012 the Supreme Court ruled that any minor who commits a crime, even one as horrendous as murder will not be sentenced to life in prison. I do not feel that black and white rule such as this, have any place in sensitive situations such as homicide cases. There are many circumstances where kids who commit a crime should not have to rot away in prison, then other cases where that seems like the most appropriate punishment. Each case should be looked at individually and every factor accounted for and taken into consideration. In the article “ One punishment and a teen killer” by Jennifer Jenkins, she shares a traumatic part of her past when her youngest sister and brother in-law were brutally murdered by a teenager [2]. He was planning a multitude of murders he wanted to commit, evidence showed that killing was a …show more content…

Being sentenced to 18 years in prison, many rules and guidelines were overlooked when she was sentenced not taking into consideration of her the severe abuse she was subjected to for so many years. Kruzan knew she had been wronged and fought nonstop to get herself and her story heard, letting the world know that she is being punished for being a victim. In prison doing all she can to help others like her. She was finally released and still trying to get justice for others like her. Her story isn't just about juvenile justice, it also shows just how much of a rape culture we live in and are clearly comfortable living in. When a child says they feel unsafe how dare we question them, when a child says they got raped how dare we ask them “but really?” Kruzan will never live a day of her life without remembering how for so many years she was

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