Cyntoia Brown Case

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“Count one, guilty, first-degree murder. Count two, guilty of felony murder. Count three, guilty of especially aggravated robbery.” This is the verdict Cyntoia, a teen victim of sex-trafficking, got on August 25th, 2006. The case of Cyntoia Brown is about an innocent victim, who had been punished for finding the courage to fight against the ones who had hurt her. Ultimately, this case is the greatest injustice act against a person ever yet. Her whole life, she had been facing abuse and inequity. She was only 16 when she has murdered Johnny Allen in 2004, and is now serving a life sentence, with an eligible parole on her 69th birthday. What the jury hasn’t been told about is that Cyntoia has been repeatedly drugged and physically and sexually …show more content…

Cyntoia was born to an alcoholic mother with records of multiple psychiatric disorders; quoting from Brown’s mother, “Bipolar, personality disorder, suicidal, manic depressive, which is an unguarded condition. At times I’ve had homicidal thoughts for people that have hurt me. I’ve been raped, and I always wanted to do things to them for hurting me.” Furthermore, to add even more to the trauma, Cyntoia, her mother and grandmother were all raped over the course of three generations. Cyntoia’s mother also was unable to take care of the girl, as she has a history of intergenerational abuse; She had also testified to heavy drinking, about a fifth of whiskey per day, while pregnant with the girl; mother’s alcoholism had resulted in Cyntoia being born with Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, which has slowed her brain development and had lowered her IQ. Brown’s mother began using crack cocaine when the girl was eight months; furthermore, by the time she was 2 years old, Cyntoia was given up for adoption. According to the documentary, “Me Facing Life: Cyntoia's Story”, after Cyntoia got adopted in Clarksville, Tennessee, her new family had been providing the girl with a stable home and proper care; despite all of that, Cyntoia had become a runaway in 2004, as a result of improper emotional development. She had dropped elementary school, and moved to Nashville. After abandoning her family, Cyntoia’s life started to fall apart, facing more serious problems, as well as unbelievable amounts of abuse, injustice, and

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