New Orleans Hurricane Katrina Essay

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On August 29, 2005, 6:10 am, there was a horrible disaster that broke everyone 's heart. It was a Hurricane in New Orleans that also went past Mississippi and many more places. Hurricane Katrina. There were approximately 1,833 deaths. It was a tropical depression that formed in 2 hours in the Bahamas.
Before the Hurricane Before all this happened, New Orleans was and will still be a popular place for tourist. But the public schools there were the worst in the country. There was also the murder rate, which was the highest in the country ( 57.6 ). And the country had lots of race problems. But right before the Hurricane ,there was a lot of warnings to the people to get out and very few did because ,everyone thought they would be safe because the levees( a embankment built to prevent overflow in the river) would protect them.
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By 7:00 am 80% of the city was flooded and everyone was on top of buildings and rooftops. In many cities, there was 6ft of water. The wind speed was at 174mph with a pressure of 902 MB. The Hurricane went back and forth from a category 1 to a 3. After the Hurricane hit the ground, it was a category 4 and went up to a 5. The eye of the Hurricane did not hit New Orleans, but as the storm was going away at least 5 canals flooded with water and left everyone worried about what would happen next. There were still 26,000 residents left in the city. Everyone was in their homes waiting and hoping for the best to come.At a tender 8 years old, Noah Benton Markham doesn 't completely understand the biological factors that have made him a media darling as the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches. Nor does the Covington youth fully comprehend how his birth has come to symbolize the theme of grit and resiliency that underscores much of what 's being said about the region a decade after the devastating
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