Hurricane Of 1938: The Florida Hurricane

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September, 1938 off the coast of Africa a storm was brewing and was heading towards the coast of Florida. Conditions everyone on the East-coast went through had a lot to do with the weather. Weather was really hard to spot to know it was a hurricane because when it hit the coast of Florida all it was was rain and Florida gets rain all the time but a couple days in, the weather started picking up. This storm was one of the worst storms ever recorded. Waves were so high it was hitting up to two stories on houses. When the storm was considered a hurricane the winds were only 74 MPH but as soon as the storm was full force winds were up to 155MPH Hurricane of 1938 had one of the biggest impacts on mankind. Almost all buildings were taken down by the 500 mile long storm. All the roads were destroyed. Lastly and the biggest impact was on the families. When everything was getting washed to sea a lot of families got split up and over 600 people died. Lastly human error was a big impact on this storm being as bad as it was. Forecasters took over 100 hours tracking the storm and they thought that it would miss them, That’s why there was no warning. When the forecasters did put out a warning it was when the storm was considered a hurricane and the hurricane hit them. After the storm survivors were devastated that …show more content…

Just the impact and conditions it had on people’s lives is tragic. Picture it’s September 1938. Everyone is playing ball or going for a stroll. All of a sudden it starts to rain so everyone goes back home and thinks it will pass by. people knew this was no ordinary storm. As water rushed in with no warning and buildings were getting washed away and roads were getting destroyed. Almost all families were split up and washed to sea. When the weather finally died down people were shocked to see what the storm did to all these places. But the biggest question was why wasn’t there any

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