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Current Reflective Essay Paper On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the coast of Texas. It was originally set to be a category 1 hurricane and wasn 't supposed to be that bad of a natural disaster. Although a number of adding factors made Hurricane Harvey a catastrophic event, the hurricane increased levels as it reached land which was one of the biggest impacts. The main two factors that made Harvey one of the most destructive natural disasters to ever hit the United States was all the recorder rainfall over the city of Houston and the release of the Addicks and Barker reservoirs. Hurricane Harvey had a huge devastating impact due to all the recorded rainfall over the city of Houston. Harvey dropped so much rainfall because …show more content…

The city had so much rainfall that the flood dams over filled and they had to release it no matter what, the citizens couldn 't do anything about it. “Both reservoir outlet gates are open and releasing stormwater into Buffalo Bayou. House flooding is occurring in adjacent neighborhoods, and roadways that run through the reservoirs are underwater. Some 3,000 homes near Addicks reservoir and 1,000 homes near Barker are inundated due to water release.” Many houses were severely damaged due to these releases. The city had no way of stopping it because this has never happened before so they flooded areas that had been flooded to try to protect other places. During this point there wasn 't much to do except to get your most valuable items and get out. Hurricane Harvey was one of the biggest catastrophic event the U.S has ever seen, the recorded rainfall and the release of the reservoirs were the two biggest factors beside the actual storm itself. The rainfall caused everywhere to over flood all over the city to the point where there wasn 't anything we could do. Also, the reservoirs made the flooding only worse since all the water held up was all released into the bayou’s and the city. Hurricane Harvey was one of the worse catastrophic events the United states has seen, although we will bounce back and

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