Life After Hurricane Katrina

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Many people ignored warnings and lost their lives during Hurricane Katrina. It did not help that city employees were also not prepared. Eighteen hundred and thirty-six people were killed during the hurricane, and over seven hundred are still missing ( It is clear the city of New Orleans was unprepared before, during, and after the storm.
People did not listen to the warnings before the hurricane. Meteorologists began to warn people about a major storm about six days before it hit the city of New Orleans. A big push for evacuation happened the day before since the storm was predicted to hit the Gulf Coast. People did not want to leave their pets. Some people tried to leave with their pets, but they were not allowed on buses …show more content…

People were unable to get help when they needed it. Some police officers and firefighters left with their families because they were scared. Bus drivers and city officials also were unavailable to help when the city needed it. With nobody to help, people had nobody to count on. (
People were frustrated the city did not have good plans in place. They did not have any drinking water or electricity. Real help from the government took several days. The heat and lack of water was hard on people. The citizens were frustrated the city could not take care of them. (Soergel).
The citizens of New Orleans felt unsafe due to lack of protection. Theft was a big problem because there were not enough police officers. People were desperate. They would do anything for food and water. Looting was a big problem. It took people a long time to return home because they wanted to make sure they were safe. (Soergel). Hurricane Katrina had a bad impact on the city for several reasons that can be fixed. People will be better prepared in the future because of Hurricane Katrina. ( saw devastation with their own eyes and are scared to see it happen again. Their experiences before, during, and after the storm will change how they handle hurricanes in the future.

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