Personal Narrative: My Life In New Orleans

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The city is known for its culture, creativity, great food, and our different music. New Orleans has always been home for me until, the unthinkable happened. No, our city isn’t always filled with tons of fun. We have suffered a dramatic change over a decade ago. Although it was so long ago, our city still isn’t the same as it was before. In August of 2005 we had a major hurricane named Katrina. It came and destroyed our city. It was the most devastating time ever. Our city hasn’t been the same since due to the flooding and wind damages that occurred. There are still a lot of homes that haven’t been repaired. It makes our city look bad.

First I’m going to tell you about my childhood and what it was like growing up here in New Orleans. Well, I grew up in the St. Thomas Project, which is located “uptown”. Some would say we lived …show more content…

People have always admired me for my sense of humor, my sass and my sense of fashion. I remember always wanting to be with my mother. When I grew a little older, she didn’t want me exposed to the environment that she was in. This was the barbershop life. See, my mom always did hair, and we all know how crazy it can sometimes get in barbershops, especially in the city of New Orleans. There are all type of characters hanging out in shops. Being exposed to that type of environment at a young age would have been bad. So as I look back, I don’t blame her for a lot of the choices she’s made pertaining to me. I did when I was young though. I felt like she didn’t want me or something. But, that was never the case. There have been many nights I cried myself asleep. I felt alone and scared. Even though I did not live with her, I must say she was a great provider. I never wanted for much of anything. I’m very thankful for all that I have been through, because, if most of these things wouldn’t have happened, I wouldn’t be the person I am

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