Reconstructing New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina Essay

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Reconstructing New Orleans after the hurricane Katrina is one of the most involving city-rebuilding projects that have been taken on in US history. The challenges in reconstruction and recreation of what used to be is the aspect of having to decide and agree on which areas should be rebuild first. The federal and state government have received different opinions on what should be done on different areas. For example, suggestions to utilize a 150-acre piece of land in New Orleans for an amusement park or use it to create a retail mall are some of the conflicting suggestions that have come up. Much of the land has been controlled by the city since the rebuilding efforts in 2009. The aspect of conflicting interests has been quite significant in the rebuilding process because most potential projects have stalled since the city has been unable to strike a suitable development deal. The city mayor understands the mistakes that contributed to the significant disaster witnessed during …show more content…

Evidently, some had predicted the events that took place during this period as analysts had indicated that New Orleans was sitting on a time bomb. The injuries and human deaths as well as damage and destruction to property that were witnessed during the period were results of long periods of political disputes, unstructured land development and mismanaged planning. However, the disaster took place and the New Orleans population has made significant steps towards moving on and reconstructing their lives. All strategies by the government and populations in New Orleans have been focused towards rebuilding a familiar New Orleans as well as reconstruction in a safer and more equitable way. Indeed, the victims as well as stakeholders in the New Orleans area have learnt significant lessons after the hurricane and they are using these lessons to reconstruct their lives and their

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