Community Lost Chapter 1 Summary

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In the wake of Katrina thousands of New Orleans residents lost not only their homes but the bonds and ties of their close knit neighborhoods. Although, most residents that were affected lived in poverty, in the lower ninth word, they still managed to have created strong ties within the community. The book, “Community Lost” brings into perspective a communities lifeworld. Posing the discussion question of how is the concept of a lifeworld relevant to survivors of Hurricane Katrina? Amongst the chaos of Hurricane Katrina many families did not evacuate until after the storm had hit and when they did most of them got separated from their families and friends. As for the residents who did get out of New Orleans before the storm hit they had a higher chance of sticking together and knowing where they were going. This brings us to the next discussion; describe the different between families that evacuated New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina hit and those who did so afterward. In chapter four of “Community Lost” the authors bring to our attention the concept of lifeworld. A person’s lifeworld is a shared reality that is defined by community and social life (p. 96). It is the collectively shared …show more content…

In the aftermath of Katrina survivors were sent all over the place and many of them got separated from their families during the evacuation process. Realizing the situation they were in many of them came to terms with this new reality they had to face. They would not be able to return back to New Orleans and life as they knew it no longer existed. A lot of their social ties and networks they had in New Orleans before were totally destroyed and they now had to create these new set of bonds with completely different set of

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