New Orleans Health Care Case Study

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The response explains the faults that took place that delayed the ability to get victims in New Orleans health care and also shows the steps that should have taken place to help the citizens in New Orleans. It begins explaining the proposals that were suggested after hurricane Katrina. There were two different policy’s, one was a bipartisan proposal from congress that aimed to provide temporary, federally funded Medicaid coverage to low-income individuals affected by the hurricane, no matter where they sought care. It would also have 800 million dollars to help uninsured victims of the hurricane. While the estimated cost of this would only be 8.9 billion. While the other came directly from the President which had few major differences from …show more content…

Finally they explain what steps they believe that should have been taken in order to help the citizens of New Orleans. They explain that the federal government non ability to handle the health care crisis especially when they had the chance to show the world the power of the United States. They first suggest that President Bush could have better distributed funds to the affected area and people by better supporting clinics running. Also they could have helped prevent the mental health care problems that would have followed the disaster through giving those in need access to mental health care. They also show how the 5 month period to get those in need as too long and the government should create an emergency Medicare system that can be called on incase of disaster. Nevertheless the most sobering cause to the health care disaster during Katrina is that the system itself is broken with millions uninsured and poor planning all the way up the federal government. With them stating the only way to truly prevent this from happening again “is reform the health system, making it accessible, affordable, and quality-oriented for

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