Chris Rose 1 Dead In Attic Analysis

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Chris Rose, writer of the essay 1 Dead in Attic, and in this essay aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans in the summer of 2005. Most of New Orleans is flooded from the rain and ocean water that was pushed inward by the storm. While reading this Chris seems to come across troubled; he also appeals to the reader’s feelings of humanity with compelling reasons. In 1 Dead in Attic, Chris Rose argues that life holds an enormous amount of knowledge and people should take the time and learn. Mr. Rose is troubled by the events that have taken place. Many try to cope with pain in many ways; and we see how he coped with his as he says, “But I Have a terrible habit of getting into my car every two to three days and driving into the Valley …show more content…

A good majority of people take knowledge life gives for granted by pushing it aside while we should learn as much as we can. He talks about regretting not being able to learn about Mardi Gras Indians and wishing he could when he says, “…I now realize that if you asked me to explain the origins and meaning of the Mardi Gras Indians – I couldn’t do it. I have no clue. And that makes me wish I’d been paying more attention for the past 20 years. I could have learned something” (Rose). So pay attention to the surroundings whether it’s at school, the office, or the streets, anywhere. Just look out for the things that you have no knowledge of while you can. Picture this, NASA has decided they are going to study Venus since it has been Earth’s neighbor for billions of years; but one morning NASA goes to study Venus and it’s gone, NASA is going to regret not learning the information it could have learned sooner but decided to push it off. Throughout the entire essay Chris asks a lot of questions that make the reader wonder; with these unanswered questions the reader becomes curious and because of that, Chris’s argument is to take advantage of the time we have to learn as much as we can. The way Chris comes across and the way he appeals to the readers come together to support his argument when he adds his compelling reasons to learn. Chris had the chance to learn about the Mardi Gras

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