Youth detention center Essays

  • Injustice In The Criminal Justice System

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    actions, and select behaviors that maximize gains and minimize the cost” (Vago). The judgment and the ability to weigh the risks of a crime are not of an adult stage; therefore, there is an injustice present in the way the justice system prosecutes the youth of America. There is no reform proposed as “incarceration is used as the primary response to social problems” (NAACP). Instead of being offered treatment, “some of 10,000 children are housed in adult jails and prisons on any given day in America” (Children)

  • Juvenile Justice Reform Case Study

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    some of the policies and ideas will help pave the runway for understanding why reform was and still is necessary in juvenile justice. Different means of punishment can be discussed and evaluated; juvenile boot camps, group homes, and juvenile detention centers. All of these have one main thing in common, out-of-home placement. The problem with home removal is that the family’s and/or environment are not able to utilize the resources for rehabilitation and sometimes the environment is the explanation

  • Juvenile Rehabilitation: Juvy Vs. Jail

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    Juvy verses Jail Many, many years ago the goal for the United States was to divide youth offenders from the adult offenders, calling the youth offenders juveniles. A Juvenile Detention Center or a Juvenile Hall, otherwise known as Juvy is a prison for people particularly under the age of eighteen depending in which state, who had committed a serious crime. Jail, on the other hand, is a place for the confinement of people who had been accused or convicted of a crime ages eighteen and older, depending

  • Pros And Cons Of Juvenile Prisons

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    the pen all you making is a better criminal.” What Mark said is right criminal youth would be better off being placed in programs that help them get their life back on track, not placed into prison with a bunch of adults who have been criminals for years. A teen placed in a prison rather that a juvenile facility faces much more risk of repeating their criminal behavior and continuing down a dangerous path. When a youth is placed into an adult prison they are missing out on an important part of growing

  • Juvenile Criminal Justice System

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    brains are still in a developmental phase. In fact, studies have shown that a teenager’s brain does not equal an adult’s fully matured brain until their early 20s. “I was impulsive. I wouldn’t think about the consequences,” said Luke R., a Florida youth serving a prison sentence for robbery (Guy, 2015). Because of this, juvenile rehabilitation centres are designed to assist in developing any juveniles that are prosecuted in the juvenile court. These

  • Reasons Why Juvenile Should Be Tried As An Adult

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    Should juvenile be charged as Adult? In the year 1994 a total of 497 juveniles were arrested. Now a days you hear about young kids doing adult crimes and not being charged as an adult because they are just kids. But really, some kids know from right to wrong. From example a young boy named Lionel Tate, who was 12 years at the time his crime was that he beat up a six year girl to death. He was charged as an adult and charged as first degree murder. Now a days young children cannot be charged as

  • The Pros And Cons Of Adult Prisons

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    way that a person can get better when his or her surroundings are unsafe and where they don’t get the attention they need to get better. Chances are that juvenile will probably get worse. Rehabilitation needs to be in a safe place like a juvenile detention

  • Analysis Of The Juvenile Justice System

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    Juveniles being waived to the adult criminal justice system has been a widespread issue across the United States. More than half the states allow juveniles the age of 12 and older to be prosecuted as adults, along with 22 states that allow juveniles as young as 7 to be prosecuted as adults (Deitch, 2014). However, the juvenile justice system and the adult criminal justice system, was not designed to work with kids this age, regardless of the crime they committed. The juvenile justice system was

  • Judge Dorn And Ciavarella Analysis

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    1. Being well known and respected is hard to come by today, with the quick judgments individuals make. Judge Dorn and Judge Ciavarella seemed to have an exception and were liked by many people. They were seen as hero’s to some, always correcting behavior and following a strict line. The public really liked the way they ran the system, always speaking publically to ensure safety and ease for kids who are lost. Although, the picture the public failed to see at first ultimately led to a harsh and difficult

  • Essay On Prison Privatization

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    The effect of prison privatization on incarceration rates and operating costs is a highly debated issue since the first privately operated prison entered into a contractual agreement in the early 1980s. The government already contracted out specific services such as inmate transportation, healthcare, training, and food preparation, to private companies. When Richard Nixon introduced his War on Drugs campaign in 1971, the incarceration rate quickly increased and by the 1980s had already tripled (Whitehead

  • Stereotypes Of Juveniles Essay

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    Juvenile Justice is the primary system used to handle youth who, in fact, is convicted of criminal offenses. These crimes juveniles commit each and every day are they innocuous or dangerous towards our society? Either way they are tried as adults. I´m stating the fact that when juveniles commit crime they should be treated differently from any other adult criminal. In today 's society, there is always stereotypes about juveniles not just the fact that they have committed a crime at any point of

  • Argumentative Essay: Adult Time For Adult Crime

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    Over past couple of decades juvenile crime as evolved from criminal mischief, vandalism and petty to theft to assault, rape, murder, and over the last few decades an increasing amount of juveniles take part in first degree murder crimes. Thus, the concept of “adult time for adult crime”, charging minors who commit serious crimes as adults, has been a controversial topic. Historically, American society has been treating most juvenile offenses, those under the age of 18, as delinquent acts to be handled

  • Kids Should NOT Be Tried As Adults

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    Many citizens, especially child activists are protesting a recent increase in children being tried in court as adults. Parents are especially mad if their child commits a violent crime, then after is put into an adult prison for an extended period of time. Kids should not be tried as adults for many reasons, including that there are bad role models in jails and that kids ' brains are not developed. My first reason kids should not be tried as adults is that their brains are not fully developed

  • Juvenile Probation Officer Narrative Report

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    books regarding juvenile probation does not compare to the knowledge I gained when working with the Taylor County Juvenile Probation Department. During this month I had exposure to department policies, juvenile detention and probation, court hearings, intake, and the Taylor County Learning Center (TCLC). I was fortunate enough

  • Juvenile Justice System Research Paper

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    controversy over how young criminals should be punished and corrected for breaking the law. The goal of the juvenile justice system is to rectify the mistakes that youths have committed in order to produce functional, well-mannered members of society. However, juveniles are often treated poorly after being tried and come out of the detention facilities in a worse condition than when they entered. The US juvenile justice

  • Cause Of Juvenile Crimes

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    In our country The United States, there are many juvenile center packed with juveniles that have done some type of crime to end up in these centers. The minors in these detention centers have done a crime rather it was minor or major. Some judges want some of these young people to serve life in prison as adults and some believe they shouldn’t. Some courts want to see juveniles facing life in prison for crimes they’ve committed , these juveniles need to be heard and given a second chance they are

  • Problems In The Criminal Justice System

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    Problems in our justice system Although many believe that all criminals belong in jail there are a number of kids that are tried as a adult. Basically they get sent sent to a jail with adults. Research shows that children that are incarracted develop mental illness and suicidal thoughts. Children aren't the only ones who have this issue, adults have it also. The justice system has completely failed us. Many young men and women are incarcerated for years or their whole life for the wrong reasons

  • Should Teens Be Tried As Adults

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    Some may think that kids wouldn’t be able to do a crime as bad as a grown person. On the news, internet, or social media, people see what horrible crimes some people commit, but most of those accused have one thing in common: age over 18. Some of the crimes committed are murder, rape, and others. Furthermore, there are times where juveniles, people who commit crimes under the age of 18, being tried as adults. The offenses that trigger the juveniles to be tried as an adult are generally, again, murder

  • Persuasive Essay On Juveniles

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    The opportunity for a one-time juvenile delinquent to have their record expunged would probably come at the end of a chapter in their life that they would like to forget. At one time or another in our childhood, we did some things that we were not proud of and would want to forget. For the most part, we did it out of immaturity or simply not considering the consequences of our actions. I have come across a lot of juveniles in my life and even some adults were the only thing that separates my story

  • Sex Offender Persuasive Speech

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    Persuasive Speech Outline Topic: Sex offender regestries-pro Purpose: To convince my audience that sex offender should still in fact have to register themselves in the U.S. I want them to vote pro registry on any future sex offender bills that may come up. Thesis Statement: Sex offenders have made their choice to become criminals knowing the consequences, so why would we go soft on people who have made bad life decisions and in turn possibly endanger innocent people. Introduction Megan Kanka was