Cinderella And Sylvia Williamss: My Role Model

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The quote "throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack" reminds me of my grandma Sylvia because she is so outgoing and if you were to take her to a party and leave her there and come back five minutes later she would already have like 20 friends. In contrast my grandma Sylvia was born in the state of Pennsylvania in February. When she was sixteen she married my grandfather who funnily was her old bus driver, though at the age of seventeen she had my dad and then two kids after him, my uncle than my aunt. My grandmother is still alive at the age of seventy and she and my grandfather have been married for over fifty years though sadly he passed away in 2015. In addition she has seven grand kids plus one on the way and in August will be a great grandmother twice over. Not to mention while she did have her own hair salon her and my grandfather were both in a band together and she was the lead singer.Further more now we have the reason why I 'm talking about my grandmother well it 's because I consider her my role model. Likewise I consider her my role model because she is a hard worker, she is a good grandmother and parent, and that she is fun to be around.

Corresponding to the previous paragraph, one of the reasons I consider Sylvia Williams to be my role model is because she works hard. My grandma Sylvia does all of it on her own with a little help every once and awhile since my grandfather passed away. In order to be considered a hard worker she has to have

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