Narrative Essay On Basketball

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On a cold pungent day, in December Allen was on the basketball court with a pair of long sweatpants and a hoodie. Allen was taking shots from behind a 3 point line. As Allen shot the ball you could hear him realizing the ball with back-spin and force. On this day the clouds were grey as if the heavens were trying to indicate clemency on someone. Allen was alone on the court at the park, Allen has been going to the park every weekend day and night. Allen’s objective was to be infallible for his next season on the basketball team. As Allen plodded towards to ball to recover it from the last shot he made he saw someone else on the court that he had never seen at the park before. Allen slowly picked the ball up with temerity, Allen wanted to show confidence since he claimed the court due to how long he has been their. The man slowly walked past Allen and went to the court next …show more content…

Allen lined himself with the basket and the free throw line. Allen slowly squatted and reposed for a second and shot the ball, following through with his hand the basketball embarked in the air with backspin and landed perfectly inside the basketball hoop. The man next to Allen’s court looked at him and began to walk to him. Once the man came up to Allen he asked “ Do you want to play a quick 1 on 1?” Allen responded with a nod to assent the man.
Allen started with ball since he was on the court. Allen had thought to himself he was indomitable against the man due to the man’s clothe. But once Allen tried driving in for a layup the man jumped in the air with a truculent manner and blocked Allen’s layup. Allen knew this man was playing unfeigned , Allen had to now step up his game. After the man had blocked Allen’s shot he has said “Name’s John.” The man walked back to the three point to line in order to receive the ball. In a altruistic manner the man had said “ Try protecting the ball more when you try to drive

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