The Theme Of The Fight By Adam Bagdasarian

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The Story I read was called The fight. the author is Adam Bagdasarian. The character that I will be talking about is Will. Will is a very insecure kid He is always looking to be the coolest he can but the ways he does do it puts him into big trouble this time. Will is playing a game of basketball during gym until he accidentally elbowed Mike Ditcher in the chest. Mike than elbowed Will right back and said, “ watch out.” This is why I think the theme of the story is Think Before You Act because of this reasons and evidence I found. The first reason why I think the theme is think before you act is Instead of using words during the problem in the beginning but instead he decided to be violent This shows that When the problem started will was very angry at mike for talking to him in the way he did and said to himself every second that he wanted to fight him which made the problem words. …show more content…

The final piece of evidence is when will finally noticed that he did not want to be physical instead of using his words but by than it was too late. This evidence supports the theme of the story because When will was being violent instead of using his words that was something that connected with the theme because he wasn’t thinking before he acted to be violent. The next reason that supports the claim is After he said that he wanted to fight he got

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