Strengths And Weaknesses Of Communication

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Communication is a very powerful thing and it is so powerful that humans and animals can interact with each other and communication is inevitable and it is either verbal or non-verbal and it can be effective or ineffective and it important that communication is effective or else you as an individual will not be able to build relationships and maintain them for a long time. The essay will talk about my strengths and limitations in a dyadic conversation between my friend and me. I will be focussing on myself in the conversation. The essay will also cover the communication concepts and basics. Strength (Effective Communication)
There are two types of ways to communicate, effectively and ineffectively, the type of communication that will be discussed in the paragraph is effective communication. Effective communication takes place when the message you send to the person has been successfully received by the receiver to a point where the receiver understands the message and is able to send a message back verbally or nonverbally (Communication: effective vs ineffective, 2016). In order for communication to be successful, there needs to be face-to-face interaction on a regular basis to build the relationship and or to make it meaningful which is important because there is not much energy that flows when you are interacting with someone online and you also do not get a sense of who the person really is (Lindley & Makin, 1991). When communicating with other people
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