Residential Schools Thomas King Analysis

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Native Americans in Canadian society are constantly fighting an uphill battle.After having their identity taken away in Residential Schools.The backlash of the Residential Schools haunts them today with Native American people struggling in today 's society.Native Americans make up five percent of the Canadian population, yet nearly a quarter of the murder victims.The haunting memories of Residential Schools haunt many Native Americans to this day.With them commonly been known to attempt to drink away the horrors they have faced.Thomas King brings up these problems in his written work having written books like Medicine River and short stories such as Not The Indian I Had In Mind and Borders.Throughout these stories, Thomas King uses stereotypes such as will and Louise 's romance that seems like it 's going to become this generic love story yet becomes nothing more than just a friend with benefits to bring up the themes of Belonging, Performing Identity and Family issues. Belonging is a key part of wills journey Through Medicine River and something most people seek to find their entire lives.Will at the start of the story wanted to find a sense of belonging but doubted that he could find it.For example, when Charles asked him to join the basketball team he denied him at first saying “I 'm not good enough to play” Harleen
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