There Was A Time Of Progress In The 1920s

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The 1920’s was a time of progress due to many factors in Canadian history some of these factors include women rights and how they gained them, arts and culture, canadian identity and technology and how technology improved drastically. Women's rights was a time of progress in Canada in the 1920’s bescuse women gained the right to vote in the 1920’s (except in Quebec) but not all women got to vote only white women did and the First Nations did not . Also in the 1921 election and they Agnes Macphail became the first woman elected to the Canadian House Of Commons and also four other woman Harriet Dick, Rose Mary Henderson, Elizabeth Bethune Kiely, Harriet Dunlop Prenter.This was a huge improvement in women rights because before than the had no …show more content…

Radios were invented in 1901 and could reach 1600m. In 1922 the first broadcast happened in, 1920 you could plug in your radio in your house. 1920-1923 there were 51 radio stations and aboud 297 000 radios. By the 1930’s there were over 2 million automobiles that prevent increased by over 800% in 1929 telephones were able to be in your house. Radio stations also became a source of entertainment, the auto industry expanded a lot and we had more cars witch meant more sources of transportation.This was huge a time of progress in Canadian History because we had more ways of transportation and more sources of …show more content…

First Nations was a time of decline in Canadian history because residential homes were created and what they did was basically took them away young children from their families and took their culture away and how they did that is cut there tradisional long hair and wouldn't let the kids wear there cultural clothing and wouldn't let them talk their language, they also abused the children that were in the residential homes over all the First Nations were not viewed as people in the canadian society until later on and also didn't have the same rights as other

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