Residential Schools

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Residential schools were made to assimilate Indians into society and to “get rid of the Indian problem” as said by Duncan Campbell Scott, the Deputy Minister of Indian Affairs in the year of 1920. (Overview). Residential schools left a negative impact on the lives of those who attended, they took the children away from their culture, the children were sexually abused and they were physically abused. The thought of the people who caused these effects and never got caught or in trouble just disgusts me Residential schools stripped children from their culture and traditions. Firstly, the students were not permitted to speak their mother tongue or practice their language (6.11), If they did, they were smacked on their hands or severely punished …show more content…

Connie mentioned when she attended residential school she was sexually abused by a student in a higher grade while she was lying in her bed. Not to mention, Connie’s brother was sexually abused by a worker of the church throughout the years of attending residential school (Connie). Students were severely punished or beaten if they did something they didn’t like or something they weren’t allowed to do. Some reported inhumane punishments such as forcing children to wear their own soiled underwear on their head (6.11). As well, when students were caught speaking their language or practicing their own culture they were hit on their hands or something worse (Connie). Additionally, students were forced to eat all of their food, despite the face that the food was spoiled (Connie).

In conclusion, residential schools left a negative impact on the people who attended such as taking away their culture and traditions, molesting the students and physically abusing the students. All of these factors drastically changed the lives of these people who attended residential schools in Canada. Aboriginal communities throughout Canada have some of the highest rates of alcoholism, crime, violence, disease and suicide due to the trauma of residential schools.

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