Case Study: Hoop Masters

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Being a former product of the AAU basketball world and an organization identical to Hoop Masters, John Fischer personally brought me back to the glory through his speech on Thursday. Proposing a team based scapegoat for whatever may be going on your life, John Fischer and the Hoop Masters organization creates the opportunity to make a name for yourself and to get out of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area through persistence, fairness, work ethic, respect and discipline. Offering anything from skills development clinics and a travel team to one on one personal training sessions, Hoop Masters has trained and shaped local heroes like Trevor Ariza and Derek Glasser into NBA stars and record holders at major Division 1 universities. Acknowledgement …show more content…

Because basketball at this level and many other levels is a “shoe dollar” business and 100% player oriented, teams and coaches are stuck chasing after teenage players when things go astray resulting in single minded players only concerned about themselves and their own future. Players of this genre, willing to sign away the representation of their own brand, themselves, are not found on the Hoop Masters’ hardwood. Not because the players at Hoop Masters don’t have enough talent or aren’t stereotypical Division 1 players, but because, these players have a true love and passion for the game, which has been instilled in them since working with Coach Fischer. It is through this passion that keeps Hoop Masers afloat, which is why John Fischer has never succumbed to the temptation of shoe dollars and never will. From my own personal experience, successful businesses, like Hoop Masters, provide the players with a home and a family that some of them may be yearning for. And it is through people like John Fischer that provides this stability and shapes these players into respectable young men set for success around the

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