High School Athletes Should Be Able To Go Pro Summary

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In “ High School Athletes Should Be Able to Go Pro”, Pitino addresses the rule of having to be 19 to enter the draft. And how he thinks you should be able to go pro straight out of high school. Rick states that he had 6 guys commit to him but didn 't go they went straight to the NBA. Because they didn 't want college they wanted to start making their living. And gives a resolution if the league didn 't want them to go straight there. He says they can go to the D-league for a couple years until a NBA team wants them. The author, Brandon Wise, is credible because he is a writer for cbs sports and is a staff writer. Brandon worked for the Miami Haroild. Also he is a reporter for CBS sports , which puts out stories for all sports and is a very popular sports broadcasting Inc. So he has written on subjects of this nature before. in “Why Not Let 18-Year-Olds Head Straight for the Pros”,The author Gerry Dinardo , addresses that he use to be a coach. And by him being a coach it changed the way he looked at both college and pro sports. He states that they have had ideas of starting a league for athletes 20 and older. In the article Mary Sue Coleman says Why not take 18-year-olds? , She said “that would give those athletes graduating from high school …show more content…

By forcing athletes to go to college doesn 't mean they are going to get an education. If the athletes aren 't made to graduate what 's the point in making them go for a few years. Only reason they are forced is to make the college money, So basically the athletes are being used for money. To prove that why do you think other sports don 't have this rule? Because they aren 't wanted or make as much money or basketball or football. Studies say college football and basketball bring in millions while other sports bring in just thousands. By letting these athletes go straight pro that would open up the amount of people who would pay to get in , instead of giving away money to high

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