Personal Narrative: My First Basketball Team

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There is about 30 kids trying out and only 15 were going to make the team. I had a good feeling I was going to make the team because I had good enough skill and I had a very good basketball IQ. The tryouts lasted for two hours for two nights. The two hours were full of sprinting, full court scrimmages, and shooting drills. Overall I didn’t do as good as I would have liked to. I was doing good during the layup and dribbling drills but not so much on the shooting drills. My shots just wouldn’t go in the basket. During the full court scrimmages I played very good defense but I still couldn’t make my shots. When we had to run sprints I was always the first one done. Later the night of the last tryout I couldn’t stop thinking whether I was good …show more content…

My team was awesome. I was with Tim Clayton and Cole Morrison. Our team did very good the first game and I scored the winning shot for us to advance to the next round of the tournament. I knew that since I made that shot it would be my time to shine in the next game because coach would be watching me. Before the game started I looked into coaches eyes and he smiled and nodded his head. The first posession of the game Cole passed me the ball in the corner and I took a shot from behind the three point line. As soon as I shot it I knew it was going in. The ball didnt even touch the rim, it just tickled the twine and made a swish sound. When it went in I turned around and looked at coach and he gave me the same nod he gave me before the game. We ended up winning that game and coach told me that he could see me getting better already. I had this nervous but happy feeling in my body. I was nervous that I still wasn’t quite good enough to make the team and I was happy that i’ve gotten better and coach realized that. Cole, Tim, and I advanced to the finals of the 4 on 4 tourny. Now everybody at the camp was watching me. I knew I shouldn’t have been nervous but I was

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