Persuasive Essay On Michael Jordan

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Being a student at Penn State University where Men 's College Basketball is on the rise has opened up my mind on the sport as a whole, both college and professional. Attending nearly all the games has provided a solid foundation for my knowledge on the sport and has allowed me to take part in several heated debates surrounding NBA basketball. The players Penn State fans watch every week: Tony Carr, Shep Garner, Josh Reaves, and Mike Watkins, are all exceptional and talented in their own regard. However, there is a wide gap between that of above average NCAA players and the greatest of all time NBA players which is a long list. The one person that tops that list to me is Michael Jordan, a shooting guard in the NBA who played 15 seasons and left a significant mark on the league. What makes basketball players earn their place in the debate of the GOAT depends on several criteria including; championships rings, awards, and self performance, all of which Michael Jordan substantially meets to be crowned the GOAT basketball player. Possibly one of the most heated topics when discussing basketball players is the amount of rings they win. Championships show how great the players performed because they are the end goal of every single season. It is what players want to win every single year, at the end of every single season, and the greatest players find a way to do so. However, basketball is a team sport, and teammates can influence the game to help great players win these

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