Why Should Professional Athletes Be Paid Essay

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“Cristiano Ronaldo makes $56 million a year, Kobe Bryant made $250 million a year and Barack Obama made $400,000 a year during his presidency...” (O'Connor ). Professional athletes are paid millions of dollars to play a game while police officers, firefighters, army soldiers, and even the president are paid significantly less. “It’s not shocking that public servants like teachers and police officers make less than professional athletes”(Figueroa). Compensation shouldn't be about entertainment, it should be about job importance because people are trying to make the world a better and safer place not a more entertaining place. The jobs that are harder and have a better effect on society are valued way less than being a professional athlete. Although professional athletes can get injured at any…show more content…
They really make a lot of money in general. Their salaries are excessive. These athletes get paid so much money to play a game for several months of the year.”LeBron James, after agreeing to a three year, $100 million contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, will finally be the highest paid player in the NBA. He will make slightly more than $30.9 million in the first year, and his salary for the 2017-18 season exceeds $33.2 million...”(Greenberg). Players are even worth almost a whole sports organization. LIke, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw. “The New England Patriots, the organization Brady heads, is a outstanding 2.6 billion dollars. And the Los Angeles Dodgers, the team that ace pitcher throws for, is worth 2 billion dollars, according to cnbc.com”(Reed). Drew Brees got paid 5 year, $100 million dollar contract. He also said that athletes are overpaid. “Even New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has conceded that professional athletes are overpaid. The 2010 Super Bowl MVP has a five year, $100 million contract with the Saints”(Anastasia). Athletes don’t need to be paid billions to play a

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