College Athletes Should Get Paid Essay

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Many college athletes go uncompensated for the fame and profits brought to the college because of their victories, and half of the well known colleges wouldn’t be as well known as they are without their sports teams, yet they still aren’t paid for their efforts. College athletes deserve a pay because not all of them paid for their tuition, many of they got into the college that they are in now because of a scholarship. Some teams are treated like employees in a large company. “Because they are already essentially paid to play, they deserve the same rights and benefits as other employees, including medical benefits, workers' compensation when injured, and the right to use their God-given talents to build some financial security for their families while still in college.”
And because they are treated like employees they deserve the same benefits as actual employees, healthcare, salary, and other benefits that make sure they stay happy and healthy. A happy athlete does better in everything because they actually feel motivated to do well and play well on the field. If you deny a human these rights, you become less than human. “The denial of these rights is …show more content…

“Because most athletic programs run deficits, paying these athletes a salary of some kind would be a stretch. At the very least, however, the athletes who put fans in the seats and in front of TV sets deserve a genuine opportunity to receive the education they were promised and a stipend to cover the full cost of their education.” Paying for something as little as a class fee would and could take away a lot of the stress and make sure your athlete doesn’t drop out because he or she cannot pay one necessary fee. That stress could also lead to sickness and make that one important player have to drop out because they are unfit to

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