College Athletes Should Get Paid Essay

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N.C.C.A. division one college are required to pay their athletes a stipend of two thousand dollars, plus scholarships. Many new papers have interviewed the President of N.C.C.A. Mark Emmert, has been informed multiple times about “forms of payment” and his response to the statement is. “If we move toward a pay-for-play model- if we were to convert our student’s athletes to employees of the university-that would be the death of college athletics.” (Nocera,2011). Through the payment of stipends and scholarships that many universities give to their athletes. Also amount of walk-on athletes that participate in sporting activities. Many student athletes in football and men’s basketball, most of the time, they bring in the revenue for the university compared to other sports. Such as, Ohio State University brought in 170,789,158 dollars and their expenses were …show more content…

A third of the revenues from the seven of their home football games. (N.A., 2017) Not all the time men’s sports bring in revenue, in UConn women’s basketball brings in the most revenue for their school. Also, the revenue comes from the merchandising and video games that the N.C.A.A. made in recent years, for college sports, and many of the student athletes are raising heads about these items. With the merchandising that the school as of jerseys of a student numbers and last name on them. For example, Ed O’Bannon a former UCLA basketball star, sued N.C.C.A for using his name in television broadcasting and video games. (Tracy and Strauss,2015) This case went to the United States Court of Appeals to be addressed about the antitrust law for using the name of players and on television and video games. (Strauss,2015) Former and current players wanted compensation because many time football and basketball players bring in the revenue through broadcast games and making merchandising deals. With the court ruling sided with the

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