College Athletes Overpaid

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How much does a professional athlete differ from a college athlete? Is there really any major difference between the two? This discussion has been going on for years, and every time the topic comes up the NCAA reject the idea. The number one response is that athletes get an education for free. Is that really fair? More than a third of the athletes that get a full ride education are going pro. Athletes put all their time and effort into their sports. So athletes have less time to spend on their education. Another aspect to look at is their health and well-being. Being in sports is not the safest thing to do, especially in a D1 program. Even the slightest mistake can end an athletes ' career. Athletes are pushed to the limit every single day, …show more content…

Knowing that the NCAA get billions of dollars of revenue each year, should change your mind about paying athletes. Athletes are the key to the NCAA 's money source. They bring in all the revenue by competing at a high level each and every day. Athletes put all their time and effort into the sport and have nothing to show for it. Except a "good education". Which they barely get to put to use. Ben Simmons, who just came out of college and got drafted by the 76ers. Complained about how unfair it was for the NCAA not to pay its athletes. He talks about the struggles of a broke college student-athlete. How he could not use his god given talent to make money, or his name. The NCAA does not pay their athletes, and they will not let the athletes compete in any competition that they could receive money in or use their own names to make money. It is one thing not to pay the players, but to not allow them to use their talent to make money. The NCAA should not have a say on what they do. Another big thing is that the NCAA will not let trademarks use athlete 's names. Why does it matter if the athletes want to be signed by Nike? If the NCAA is not paying their athletes, athletes should be able to do whatever they want to make money. NCAA should not have a say in it. Another big aspect to look at is the coaches. Some coaches get paid millions of dollars per season. How is it fair to the athletes knowing their coaches make that much, but they do not make a penny. When the NCAA is throwing that much money at coaches, would it not be okay if the player got a couple thousands of

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