College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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It's a controversial topic, whether college athlete be paid or not. College athletes should not be paid. Their scholarships are payment enough, paying them could make the public lose interest in college sports and they earn way more than someone with just a high school diploma. If they were paid, it seems like they'd be benefiting too much. The college athletes scholarships seem to be enough payment. They often receive free education with other added benefits. "Athletic scholarships cover just about everything a student athlete needs to survive for four years at a major university. Campus housing, daily medical care, and free meals via training table are all included. Tuition and books are covered as well." (text 4, lines 12-14) This quote shows that everything a student needs to pay for, is already paid for. College athletes seem to be paid in tuition, as "... athletic scholarships that are worth between $20-$50,000 dollars..." (text 4, lines 4-5) Why should they be paid if their scholarships are worth so much? …show more content…

If we were to pay them like professional theletes, the public might tune out of college sports. "John Rowady, president of sports marketing firm rEvolution... brlieves that paying the players as profesionals carries the risk of the public tuning out." (text 3, lines 6-9) Maybe that's true, or it could make the public more interested. Although, John says, "It would create a massive unknown, you have to wonder if it'd change the whole dynamic of what it means to be a student-athlete." (text 3, lines 8-9) Paying them at a professional level could ruin the whole point of college

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