Why Do NCAA Athletes Get Paid

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I personlly think NCAA athletes should get paid, because they put a lot on the line to play college ball. Yea they might get paid in free education but you got to look on the other side how are they to support they self for personal needs like tooth paste, cloths, shoes, soap, and many more. What about the ones that go out of there home state and play. Their family many miles away so they can’t get to much support from them. Other sports fans do not want to see athletes paid because they say “ it will destroy their notion of amateur athletics.” They stick with the belief that a “free education” is compensation enough for what the athletes provide for the school. Even more so, amateurism gives people something to relate to with the student-athletes-something they no longer maintain with professional athletes. …show more content…

“I remember when my coach was thrilled because he had negotiated in his contract with the school that even if he was no longer coaching, his children could still attend Villanova for free. This is a far cry from the multi-million dollar salaries for football and basketball coaches. Not to mention the salaries of athletics directors and conference commissioners,” said a NCAA athletes. If NCAA coaches get paid why shouldn’t athletes. Not saying athletes should get paid as much as their coaches. I’m just saying they desserve some help from their school, like they should get $1,500 a month. They putting their talent on the line. What if they get hurt and was good enough to go pro but can’t because that injury stopping them? What happen to them players? Some college release players that can’t perform anymore. That’s cutting off their education. What are they suppose to do

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