Why Do Collegiate Athletes Get Paid

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There has been a significant discussion in regards to whether collegiate athletes should or should not get paid while they are in school. Collegiate athletes all across the nation perform for their dedicated fan bases week in and week out. A lot goes into these marveled matchups that goes unseen. Hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears are shed, yet you wouldn't know that if you're just a typical fan. These are a few of the things that these so called fans don't get to experience firsthand. They don't understand the monotonous long drawn out practices or the treacherous heat endured. Why do athletes do it? All to see a few thousand fans smile in your face and to continue to cheer for the institution you represent. For what? Is it fair to showcase the talents of athletes and not provide them with compensation? After all, the prohibition of student athletes using their likeness for monetary assets is downright unfair. You'd think because of the popularity of collegiate sports, revenue would be dispersed amongst the participants, but this is the absolute opposite of the truth. These collegiate athletes are doing a lot of work for their respective institutions that seems to go unnoticed. From my perspective, I don't believe withholding funds from athletes is necessarily fair. Whether it be football, basketball, baseball, or track, collegiate sports have brought in a surplus of revenues for college …show more content…

Although, some programs are encompassed in success stories none of their athletes are paid. Some collegiate programs do so much for the college that they serve as the core foundation of the institutions budget. They offer the resources needed to establish services on college campuses that would not be attainable without the athletic

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